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The 25th Annual New Jersey Sandcastle Contest - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 NJ Sandcastle Contest Winners




7 & Under

“Bathtub Guy”

  • Billy & Tyler




  • Brian Pimor

Ages 8-11

“G.I. Joe”

  • Donavan Guertin

“Turtle Time”

  • Emily, Haley, Danielle
    and Brianne Noviello


  • Stephanie and Haley Bisignano

Ages  12-15

“A Man’s House is His Castle”

  • Laura Bloemeke, Katlyn Ryan, Emma Lucadema, Melissa Ryan, Shauna Ryan

“Lost City of Atlantic”

  • Jacye Firkin and Nick Stewart

“Rock Lobster”

  • Dan, Andrew, Ian and Jason Colasanti

Ages  16+

“School’s Out for Summer”

  • Sand Sharks
  • Wendy Wright

“Siren Song”

  • Ron Maslanka

“Giant Lizard”

  • Billy Watkins

Day Camps

“The Good Book”

  • Surfside Chapel

“The Mermaid”

  • Brookside

“Sand Shark” 

  • Wall Summer Camp



  • Deroian Family
  • Michelle Deroian

“XMAS in July”

  • Poley Family

“A Picture Comes to Life”

  • Vastano Family

Best on the Beach

“Belmar Remembered”  

  • Coyle Family




The 24th Annual New Jersey Sandcastle Contest - Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010 NJ Sandcastle Contest Winners




7 & Under

“Christmas in July”

  • Isabelle Leal, Grace Lang, Helen Schlosky

“Man on the Beach”

  • Gabriel Charbonneau

“This is Africa”

  • Aurelia Whitehead

Ages 8-11

“Merry Shrek in July”

  • Victor, Maria and Joseph Masi

“Mermaid Castle”

  • Maxx and Sabrina King

“Beach Party With an Uninvited Guest”

  • Cameron and Jack Mulcahy
  • Sammy Pak
  • Julia Sullivan and Steph Sullivan

Ages  12-15

Alice in Wonderland

  • Sara Veit
  • Kayla Catanzaro

Stingray Reef

  • Zachary Jaglowski

Sand Shoe

  • Katie Molloy and Melissa Neves

Ages  16+

“Card Sharks”

  • Mark Bobel, Joann Halat, Justyna Halat, Amy and Wendy Wright, Roch Cocca, Jason Heleotis

Shrek’s Party Belmar Luau”

  • Mary Pierce


  • Theresa and Kevin Tarabocchia

Day Camps

“Lion Mascot”
Spring Lake Heights

  • Shawn heeter

“Despicable Me”

“Fun in the Sun” 


“Party on the Boat”

  • Brown and Casais families

“Family Game Time” – Scrabble

  • Robyn, Monte, Sydney, Jackson and Juliet Mingle

“Sock Monkey”

  • Rochelle Ritacco, Dolci Carroll, Mike Carroll

Best on the Beach

Family Game Time”  - The Mingle Family
Card Sharks” - Mark Bobel, Joann Halat, Justyna Halat, Amy and Wendy Wright, Roch Cocca, Jason Heleotis

Brookside Day Camp

Brookside Day Camp


The 23rd Annual New Jersey Sandcastle Contest - Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Best on Beach:

“Shell’s Kitchen”

Day Camp:  

1st Place: Stewy the Surfer (Belmar Recreation)

2nd Place: Mike Wazowski (Brookside School)

3rd Place: Summer Time Surf (


1st Place: “Little Man in the Sea” Marilyn, Christopher, Greg, and Michael

2nd Place: “Sand Truck” The Choy Family

3rd Place: “Valentino” The Valentino Family

16 & Over:

1st Place: “A Trip to Giza” Roberto Monteil

2nd Place: “Aztec“ Team Thunderbird and Richard Isgard

3rd Place: “Roc-topus & Sea Sharps”

Ages 12-15:

1st Place: “Hole-in-One”  Julie Ward

2nd Place: “Sandbar” Morgan, Paul, Tyler, Christen, Billy, and Tom

3rd Place: “Ariel” Delaney Burke & Alison Conrad

Ages 8-11:

1st Place: “Hang-Ten Mickey” Victor, Marie, Joseph Masi

2nd Place: “Captain Stanley” Amy Jaglowski

3rd Place: “Drizzle Castle” Matthew Sabin

Ages 7 & Under:

1st Place: “Caroline the 2nd” Helen Schlowsky, Grace Lang, Isabella Leal

2nd Place: “The Belmar Run” Aruelia Whitehead

3rd Place: “Grand-Prix Racetrack” Ryan McLaughlin

Best on Beach:

"Johnny Lobster", Glenny

Day Camp:

1st place: "Flowers" Brookside

2nd place: "Shark" Belmar Recreation

3rd place: "Shark City" Sea Shore Day Camp

Family Category:

1st place: "Mexican Sushi" Kyle & Sierra Tango

2nd place: "Skull Island" Jim, Dawn, Carly, Brody Dayton

3rd place: "Cave-Bear Castle" Laszlo, Tusarek, Amarose

16 & Over Category:

1st place: ""Flip-Flop" Andrea Urbankova

2nd place: "Castle Saures Rex" Emily Season

3rd place: "Gas Crisis" Vinny Logozio

Ages 12-15:

1st place: "Happy Feet" Brookside Day Camp

2nd place: "Lazy Days" Nicole Joseph

3rd place: "Mid-evil Sandcastle Green" Tim Maloney

Ages 8-11:

1st place: "Pet Resort" Amy Jaglowski

2nd place: "Gum Ball" Madison Brand

3rd place: "RIP Spooky Summer" Billy & Andrew Morare, Jackie & Nicole Leseur, and Samantha Olivia

Ages 7 & Under:

1st place: "Grand Canyon Race", Aurelia Whitehead

2nd place: "Lua the Lady Bug" Ava Hill

3rd place: "Princess Mermaid Castle" Lori Leal

Best on Beach:

"Grand Canyon", Joe Davis & Team

Day Camp:

Sea Girt Recreation

Family Category:

1st place: "Are We There Yet?", The Hill Family

2nd place: "Potato Head Kingdom", Laszlo Family

3rd place: "Shrimpy" Dad & Son

16 & Over Category:

1st place: Sandwitch, Sandsharks

2nd place: "Crustacea", Maslanka Dreamteam

3rd place: "Frog Hollow", Mike Whittey

Ages 12-15:

1st place: "Holy Corvette", Colton Whitehead

2nd place: "Bat Cave", Paul Alonso

3rd place: "Rock My World", Casey & Duva

Ages 8-11:

1st place: "Snowman"

2nd place: "Wall Speedway", Dillon Flanagan, Russell Sullivan, Jeffrey Sullivan

3rd place: "Surfer Dog", Grace Gaffrey

Ages 7 & Under:

1st place: "Lightening McQueen", Aurelia Mamey

2nd place: Shea Daley

3rd place: "Rain on Your Wedding Day"