All You Need to Know about the 2010 NJ Sandcastle Contest!
Sandcastle Contest FAQs

Q: When is the new date for the NJ Sandcastle Contest?
A: Due to weather conditions, the contest has been rescheduled for Wednesday, July 28, 2010.

Q: What time can we register?
A: Registration begins at 8 am.

Q: Where should we register?
A: Look for the big white tent in front of the boardwalk on 18th Avenue Beach.

Q: Where can we park?
A: There is metered parking along the beach in Belmar.

Q: We are traveling via bus. Where should we park?
A: Bus parking is available at the Belmar Marina, located at 905 Route 35 in Belmar. Be sure to have someone follow by car, and the marina is not a quick walk to the beach.

Q: Is the event free? Are beach badges required?
A: The event is free of charge for those participating in or attending the contest. No beach badges are required at the 18th Avenue beach.

Q: Can we use additional materials/accessories to build our sculptures?
A: You are able to accessorize and use additional materials. However, we encourage you to build sculptures that are environment-friendly. Remember the judging criteria: Creativity, resourcefulness, originality and accessories.